Monday, January 05, 2009

Ziggle Designs Grab Bag #3!!!! It's a Must Have!

Okay girls and boys! I am here to give you a little tip... it's regarding the absolutely-super-duper-fabulous and awesomely cool Grab Bag #3 from Kami of Ziggle Designs!

This, my friends, is one Grab Bag of which I am sure you'll kick yourself in the face if you don't go get it now at the re-donk-ulously low cost of $3.00! I have passed up grab bags in the past unsure as to whether or not I would like its contents, but I have since learned my lesson. When it comes to any of the ladies/gents at Scrap Orchard or Sunshine Studio Scraps rest assured, if you can afford the grab bag, GET IT!!! Doesn't matter who the designer is, you will never be let down.

Now regarding Kami's grab bag....I have it, so I speak from actual knowledge of its contents!! It is more than fabulous and I hope you go grab it today at the Scrap Orchard in Kami's shop! Hurry, hurry, hurry....she'll reveal her grab bag on January 15th and then all of the items will be gone, or they'll be sold separately. If ya end up picking up her grab bag, let me know. I am so certain you'll love it as much as I do. I wish I could post a little looksy for you, but no-can-do! Although, you can go to Kami's blog and you just MIGHT get a little peek there....just look at the post dated January 1st!! Or go to her awesome CT Blog and you'll get a peek there too! Just trust me, as I wouldn't lead ya in the wrong direction! My twisted-evil days are behind me for good! I swear!



P.S. It is January and Stampin' Up! is rockin' and rollin'! I promise you I will have a super-awesome project of some sort to show ya!! Meanwhile, if you're interested, you might want to visit my Stampin' Up! website and do a little window shopping! There are lots of things going on! Please let me know if you'd like the retired accessories list! I'll send you a .pdf copy!! Go shop at: Candi's Stampin' Up! Shop!!!

P.S.S. I set up my Project 365 Blog today!!!! Yay!!! I am so super-excited about this endeavor! If you're not sure what this is all about, stay tuned and I'll get you the 411!


Kim B said...

Hi Candi
Just popped in to say thank you for your kind comments on 4shared ;-)
I've been meaning to get here sooner but somewhere between Christmas and New year I lost my brain- bwahahaha

Sending hugs

Amberpony Creates said...

Hey Girl
i see you Jumped into the Digi World with Both Feet
Happy New Year!!!

Stacey said...

ohhhh love your music!!!!! hee hee
Thanks for all the sweet comments you leave me!!!!