Friday, August 15, 2008

Introducing.....Hannah!!! Err, I mean CORI!!!!

Okay, so as I mentioned in yesterday's post, here is the video of my daughter singing one of her favorite Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana songs! If you don't know who Hannah Montana is you're either in an Afghanistanian Cave or you're dead! Either way, I hope your travels were uneventful!

So, keep in mind my daugher is absolutely THE biggest Miley Cyrus fan in the whole-wide world!!! She uploaded her video onto the Mily Cyrus website which enters her into contest they have going on. She is hoping each day that she'll be the "winner!" Quite frankly, since I am no longer working my day-job, I hope and pray she's THE WINNER! Wahooo! That would be so cool! Hey, I have no shame in asking 15-year-old Miley if she could spot me some cash. I'd pay her back and all...

So here goes my money train, kids! :-) you think I'll be able to ask Miley to spot me some cash??? Do we have this "win" in the bag??? I sure hope so! Haha! If we don't win, I'll be bummin'! And then my next stop will be the Oprah show. I'll be the one in the audience sporting the big neon-green sign on a stick that says, "You saved a school, now save a fool! Have you got $5.00 I can borrow?"

Of course the sign will be decked out in the cutest Stampin' Up! stamps ever and perhaps I'll even throw on some glitter and chipboard, too... I am crazy like that!

Call me if you're totally dying to see the newest Stampin' Up! stuff, or if you want to help me make my "Oprah" sign! Either way, I'd love to hear from you!

I am telling you, you do NOT want to miss out on all of the fun new stuff Stampin' Up! has come up with

Stampin' Up! has added scads of stuff for us die-hard scrapbookers! It's not all about just stampin' anymore, sisters! Oh no! We're talking full-blown, wicked-cool scrap stuff! Omigosh, you have to get their rubons, new designer papers, the new In Color items, you name it!!! Take a peek for yourself, click on the catalog on the right-hand side of the page!

I look forward to servicing all of your Stampin' Up! needs!


soinkincute said...

Hey Kiddo, it's Mom here... Great Job!!! I think you're so cool and you make me proud! I love you!



Anonymous said...

Great Job Cori! Thats pretty cool, I hope you win!

Love you kid, Dad

Cassidy M. said...

CORI ROCKED!!!!!!! That would be a fun contest to enter...
Tell, her I think she did an amazing job (I especially loved the part where she threw off the glasses.)

XOXO, Cassidy