Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Blogging to blog!

Hey Kids!

I figured I better hop online and say something on my blog! Ya never know, there might be people logging on day-in and day-out just hanging on the edge of their seat waiting to read what I have to say next. It could happen!

Not a whole lot has changed since the last time I wrote. Hmmmm, let's see....

The Stampin' Up! fiscal year is just about to close. June 30th is the last day of the business year! It is also the very last day you can take advantage of my fabulous discount and other promotions! So hop to it, get those wish lists out and start shopping! And please let me know if there is anything at all I can do to assist you, I hope you know I am just a phone call or email away!

I am still battling this whole illness thing and I appreciate all of you who have offered your support and encouragement. It has meant so much to me. This has been an extremely rough time, but it truly does make it seem somewhat better just knowing that people are sending their warm wishes.

I'll be popping back in for a quick update in a day or so. I need to get some pictures up and decorate the new place, don't cha think! Trust me, it is definitely on my "To Do" list!

Over and out!


heyhoewarren said...

Hi Candice - welcome to blogdom! When I started my blog last year I wasn't sure I'd keep it up, but 131 posts and still going strong. Great meeting you at Got Sketch - hope to see some pics soon. Lisa.

Geri said...

welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I look forward to seeing some of your new creations! Don't know about you, but I am awaiting that new catalogue on pins and needles... August can't get here soon enough!