Monday, May 19, 2014

Jumpstart Designs Has Some Awesome Stuff for You!!! Pickle Barrel is Still Open, But Hurry!!!

Hello Scrappers! I am here to show off Jumpstart Designs' newest collection! It's titled "My Heart Belongs to Mommy" and it is so super-fantastic, a must-have for all Moms! The Pickle Barrel is open, so that means you can grab portions of this collection for just $1, or you can pick up the 6-pack, or you can mix and match items in anyway you'd like (individual items are 25% off)! 

Make sure to take a look at the specials Jumpstart Designs has created for you. You can get free items depending on what you buy! Hurry, hurry....

Don't miss out on the Pickle Barrel Deals! Head to Jumpstart Designs' shop and take a look at everything right here:

Pickle Barrel Closes tonight at 11:59 PM EDT! So hurry hurry!

And there is so much more, so head on over to Jumpstart Designs shop right now!

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