Friday, July 26, 2013

New From Jennifer Labre Designs - AND PLEASE EXCUSE THE MESS

First of all, I want to say pardon the mess - mess meaning I have lost some images and now my blog is looking quite bare.  I am trying to restore those images and figure out what went wrong.

Secondly, and more importantly....JENNIFER LABRE HAS SOME NEW STUFF! 
I am here to share with you two new and gorgeous digital kits created by Jennifer Labre Designs. They're simply fabulous and they're 20% off through Sunday, 11:59 PM EST! Take a look at these beauties and then head here to Jennifer's shop to grab them right here:

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Now, here is a look at those two new and gorgeous kits!
The kit on the left is: These Are the Days
The kit on the right is: Sunshine
 The image is linked directly to Jen's store!  Happy shopping!
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