Friday, December 31, 2010

Today was crazy, but life is GOOD!

Today was a craaazy day....It started out normal.  The usual laundry, hanging out, watching some TV, catching up on emails, etc. 

Later in the afternoon, my daughter and I went to get our hair cut at our usual salon.  While we were there, Chris Anderson of the Denver Nuggets aka Birdman, dropped in for a haircut.  Apparently, he always goes to the girl who does my daughter's hair (Kelly).  While my daughter was under the hair dryer, Kelly began cutting Birdman's Hawk.  It was cool because it gave us the opportunity to chit-chat with him.  He is super-nice and very funny!  My daughter ended up getting his autograph and then we all decided it would be soooo funny to have our picture taken with "Birdman" since I still had all the highlight foils in my hair. Yes, it did sound very funny at the time.  Now...I am not so sure! hahaha!

I dyed my hair back to my natural dark brown color and added some slight burgandy highlights and my daughter went blonde with some light brown low-lights. We both LOOVE our hair and we had fun time at the salon, but then...

On our way home my tire blew out...let me tell you, this is soooo much fun, especially when you're driving on black ice and it's only 10 degrees outside - if that!  It ended up taking more than two hours to get the dang spare tire on because the cheap-ass stock jack that came with my car kept sliding out from under my car due to the ice/snow on the ground. Fortunately, a very nice guy happened to see what was going on and he brought out his jack which worked so much better!  I am definitely investing in a newer and much nicer jack.  That'll be my New Years' Resolution!

But get this...even though this afternoon was kinda brutal, I found myself singing and laughing w/ my daughter, and I didn't feel frustrated at all throughout the entire ordeal.  I mention this because a year ago (at this same time) I wasn't so happy.  In fact, if felt as though life just plain sucked and I felt the world was a not-so-nice place. BUT NOT TODAY...NOPE! I am soooo happy and life is truly good. I am at peace with where I am at in my life and I am thankful for all that I am blessed with!

A new year is upon us!  My family rocks, I have some the coolest friends a girl could ask for, and my family is happy and healthy!  God is good and I am so glad that my frame of mind has shifted.  Boy, what a difference a year makes!

Here is Mr. Birdman Himself! I will download the photo we took with him at the salon and I'll post it... unless I chicken out (you know...because of the foils in the hair and all!) Hahaha!


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