Sunday, August 16, 2009

Grand Opening - HUGE DISCOUNTS!!!!

Karyn Robinson, a fabulous designer, has just joined the Enchanted Studio Scraps site!!!! She has some fabulous stuff to give away, including a chance to win her entire shop! Her store is currently 50% off so hurry, hurry, hurry!! You'll want to grab as much as you can!!

Here is a preview of a very cool kit she has just released. You can buy it in a variety of ways, or purchase the whole Sha-bang (is that how you spell 'sha-bang'?? ah who cares)....

I hope you will also go to the Enchanged Studio Scraps forum and post a message for Karyn, that's how you will win some awesome stuff!!

So here is Karyn's new kit Just a Boy we'll start with the Glitter Styles, then you'll see the fabulous Alphas, and then the Full Kit preview!!! Awesome stuff! Click here to go to her shop!

Click here to hop on over to Karyn's blog and you'll get this baby for free! It's awesome! Don't forget to read about how you can win Karyn's entire shop while you're at her blog! That would be awwwwesome!!!

Each day Karyn will be hosting a RAK (give away), so remember to go to Enchanted Studio Scraps' Forum!!!

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